This page is for requests we have received from visitors for photos or items they would like
          to see included on the site.
          If there is something you think should be on the site but isn't yet, let us know in an email.
          Use the same email if you see an item on this list that you could supply an image of.

          Thank You!

         We need:

-Bradford ERA calendars from the 1950s & early 60s.
-Zippo lighters with advertising for Bradford area businesses & events (ex. Togi's Restaurant or the Stinkfest)
photos of the old oil pump houses up in the hills
         -photos of the old Lincoln School on E. Main in Bradford
-photos / memorabilia from Bradford's sporting past
                  - Larry Peace, Football
                  - Henry (Hank) Goodman, Football
                  - Tommy Darcy (Cardemone), Boxing
local racetracks